How I Register

There are several ways to register for a season. The fastest and easiest way is our online registration. Simply go to “Register Now” tab on the home page.  In order to register you must become a member  than submit all the fields.  Make sure you select a season and division on all registartion forms.


1.  Now you are going to click on “Register Now” at the top of the homepage.


2.  Fill in all fields with correct information.


3.  Follow the instructions.  If you are not a member, you must sign up as one before you register.  There is no cost to becoming a member, but there is a cost for all league REGISTRATIONS!!!


If you do not have computer access or you would rather register over the phone please call the home office at 347-275-3116.  We will also have open house registrations were you can register in person at a designated area.  The dates and locations of our Open House is posted on the site.

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  1. SandraM


    Do you have any info as to the softball league. When wil lthe season start? How much wil lit be?



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